Our Weekly Delivery Schedule

Daily Postcodes Monday - Saturday

Monday     - IP7 , IP28, IP29, IP30, IP31, IP32, IP33

Tuesday     - All NR, BN, RH, PE31, PE32, PE36, PE37,
                   IP13, IP14, IP15, IP16, IP17, IP18, IP19
                   IP20, IP21, IP22, IP23, IP24, IP25, IP27
                   IP28, IP37

Wednesday - All OX, RG, GU, KT, TW, SL, PO, BN, RH,CB
                   PE11, PE12, PE13, PE14, PE15, PE20, PE21,
                   PE30, PE33, PE34, PE38, SG7, SG8, SG7,
                   SG6, SG15, SG16, SG17, SG18, SG19

Thursday   - All CM, SS, SG, EN, IG, RM, E, BN, RH, IP1-12,
                  CO11, PO18-22

Friday        - All SW, KT, RH, SS, CR, TW, CO, RM, SM, BN, CM

Saturday    - All except PO and SO postcodes

*Please note: If you don't see your postcode listed here please check with us before proceeding with an order.

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