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Soul Tree

Case Soul Tree Rosé 2013 ABV 12.5%

Case Soul Tree Rosé 2013 ABV 12.5%

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NOSE:               Attractive red berry fruits.

PALATE:            Clean,fresh and refreshingly dry. Crisp, with red berry fruits and the slightest hint of sweetness on the finish.

SERVE:             Well chilled (8-10ºC). Ideal to enjoy on its own or to accompany a wide variety of spicy dishes, with fish, or even at a barbeque.

PERFECT WITH: A perfect drinking Rosé for the more serious wine drinkers, this wine has a level of acidity that will refresh and awaken the taste buds to enhance the overall experience. it pairs very well with the spicy tandoori dishes, tikkas, kebabs, vindaloos and dhansak dishes. Works a treat with fish in a sweet & sour sauce, or tamarind based dishes.

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